A landing nipple blanking plug that combines the sealing capability and integrity assurance of a bridge plug expanding element with the operational simplicity and reliability of a conventional lock mandrel.



Element qualified to API 11D / ISO 14310 Grade V0 Q1 / Lock Mandrel qualified to API 14L / ISO 16070 Grade V1


Grade V0 Q1 = Gas testing with pressure & temperature reversal cycling to zero bubble leak rate


Working pressure up to 10,000psi – higher WP available on request


Operating temperature from -15°C to 150°C – low temp qualified for subsea tubing hanger applications


Single element seal design eliminates use of dual seals and v-packings to ensure a true bi-directional pressure test on the actual isolating seal


Seal OD sized below plug body OD for protection whilst running in hole and ease of entry into seal bore


Jar down to equalise, jar up to release design eliminates pressure balance risks associated with up motion equalising plugs

Suitable for high deviation applications due to undersized and protected seal design


Ideal for subsea Sleeve Solutions operations


Slickline – 1 run to set, 1 run to retrieve


“Standard mechanical running tool / GS


pulling tool


Tubing hanger, annulus and production bore isolation


Innovative seal design for damaged seal bores


Available with Wellvene compatible landing nipple for workover, completion and new well delivery


Retrofitted to suit most size and types of existing OEM landing nipples


Training manual and video provided for all wireline personnel


No run or redress charge and supplied with additional kits for multiple use


Run by core crew wireline personnel to ensure cost saving through reduced POB

Tell tale on running tool for set correct verification


Built in junk catcher sump


Check pull for set verification


Supplied with drift and sized seal bore cleaning tool


Supplied with prong, melon or pump open equalising sub


Crossed over to supplied remotely activated equalising device


Eliminates the requirement and costs associated with bridge plug setting equipment and skilled personnel


Designed to hold pressure from above, below and from sudden reversals


Sale and rental options available


9 mechanical parts to the plug (excluding consumables)